App crashing completely when loading a view with Google maps in iOS device only

We just released a new feature that uses react-native-maps and it all works fine in Android and the iOS simulator.

However on iOS devices we get an instant app crash when we switch to the view with the maps, no error shown, no app restart, no sentry sent.

How do we resolve this??

expo: 31.0.6
expo-cli: 2.11.3
react: 16.5.0
react-native: sdk-32
app.json sdkVersion: 32

Hey @georgiosd,

Can you share your MapView code? Are you using a google as the provider for iOS as well?


As it turns out the google maps SDK was throwing a key not defined error - which seems to pass in Android for whatever reason.

I had to connect the app to Expo and view real-time logs because there was no crash report.

Thanks a lot!

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