App Crashing after background fetch and task manager used

I’m a beginner in app development, most importantly i use expo, so far I’m trying to build a simple app, which required a background task, so I follow the expo documents and implement the background fetch task function, now whenever i open the app, it crashes, this started happening after the implementation of the backgroundfetch task, i luse LOGCAT to view the log of the crash, i got this

FATAL EXCEPTION: mqt_native_modules Process: com.greengraphicx.Chatly, PID: 21890 com.facebook.react.common.JavascriptException: Invariant Violation: Failed to call into JavaScript module method RCTEventEmitter.receiveTouches(). Module has not been registered as callable. Bridgeless Mode: false. Registered callable JavaScript modules (n = 10): Systrace, JSTimers, HeapCapture, SamplingProfiler, RCTLog, RCTDeviceEventEmitter, RCTNativeAppEventEmitter, GlobalPerformanceLogger, HMRClient, AppRegistry. A frequent cause of the error is that the application entry file path is incorrect. This can also happen when the JS bundle is corrupt or there is an early initialization error when loading React Native., js engine: hermes, stack: invariant@1:54500 __callFunction@1:63204 anonymous@1:61779 __guard@1:62716 callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue@1:61737

please help me resolve this.

error could be caused by many things. You can provide your code for more help. Prior to that, you can:
a) check that your import statements are correct and they are where they should be in your code, or that you have not erroneously imported something to your code.
b) check that you have properly installed the requisite packages

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