App crashes (or Closes) on background after some minutes without opening it

Hi everyone,

I made an app using expokit (detached project) and for some reason if im using the app, go to home screen and block my iphone, after like 20 min if i unlock my phone and open the app it starts loading again, like it crashed. But later i try to see the crash logs on Xcode (through Devices and simulators) and it shows nothing. Im using react-native-sentry and it doesnt show nothing too. So i suppose it was closed for some reason?.

I dont know whats happening here. The thing its that im doing a messenger app so i need to process the notifications, but i cant process them if the app is closed.

Someone? Thanks!

I just found out that i forgot to run the completitionHandler function at the end of the didRecieveRemoteNotifications.


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