App auto use the latest code but google play has the old version

Hi Expo Team.
I got the strange situation I dont know it happens to other people or not.

  1. My app in google play has version 1.1
  2. I change something in my project and increase version to 1.2 and also change version for ready to upload to google play.
  3. I build standalone for android and I download APK for testing in my device first before go to google play.
  4. After everything is okie I uninstall current APK(from step 3) and to go google play to install the version 1.1
  5. After I installed version 1.1 in google play I saw that my app use the code from version 1.2(This version not yet go to google play) -> I think it related to cache then I try to clear all data cache of that app and restart my devices. And try again but the same problem
  6. Then I borrow device from my friend And I open the app that he installed it before and it also show the latest code from version 1.2.

It’s strange to me for point 5, 6.
Do you know this situation?

You experienced over-the-air update. You should have used different release channel.

I see some categories such as Help with Expo, General, Create React Native App, Snack, Cheer, Forum Help and FAQs.
Where should I move this topic to?

I didn’t mean forum :wink:

I read the entire release channel but They mentioned about if my client use expo client then he/she can see the latest code from default channel(because I just build with command exp build:android).
My point is that my friend does not use expo client He install app directly from google play.
In this case I would expect He still use the old version from google play not from the default channel like in release channel said.
Correct me if I say something wrong?

Standalone builds are also getting updates from the release channel you specified during build

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

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