App appears differently in the Expo client and the standalone app

Everything works fine in the Expo client, but in the standalone app, the UI is a bit off (not in the right position).
I noticed that images with capInsets seem to be most problematic. I found this bug report that may be related, but the annoying thing is that the app appears differently in the Expo client and as a standalone app, which makes it nearly impossible to debug.
I’m running both apps on the same device: iPhone 6 Plus. The zoom setting is “standard”.
The command I used to build the app is expo build:ios.
Expo version: 32.0.0
Expo CLI version: 2.16.1

Hi there!

Could you take screenshots of the app in each environment, so that we can see the differences?


Sure. Here are the screenshots. First is the Expo client. Second is the standalone app.
Though the language is in Chinese, I hope the difference in UI images is noticeable.

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