APK size increased by almost 3 MB in the latest build

Last time when I build the apk using expo build:android it produced the apk within 5 minutes and the apk size was 17.5 MB (build id: 01d8a0c2-e0e2-4898-bb45-1d2cfc5a3ac3) and today when I tried to create the apk again it took unusually long and produced an apk with file size 20.4 MB(build id: 40df2dd2-29b2-4eca-9dae-3cd4a7685d37).I haven’t included any new npm packages or expo modules and the changes were very minimal JS code changes.

I am not able to find from where did the extra 2.9 MB came suddenly…It is a very simple app and 17.5 MB itself was too high in terms of size.

Was there any changes made to the build process recently ? Any ways to get rid of extra MBs?

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Yes,it happend with me too, after updating expo.

Longer wait time is probably unrelated, most likely your build was in a queue that additional time.
The additional size of APK comes from updating JSC(javascript engine).

Thank you for your time. So I guess we have to wait for https://expo.canny.io/feature-requests/p/reducing-app-size to be completed.

In sdk33 there will be custom builds(android only for now) that will only use unimodules used by your app, but it won’t improve size very much. Most of the binary size comes from jsc, react-native, etc … and all those are necessary.
There is a chance to reduce the size if we switch to Android App Bundles(About Android App Bundles  |  Android Developers) that way every app will have only binaries for one platform. Most likely it will be done together with support for 64-bit builds.


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