APK is unsupported binary file

Hi. I`m new in Expo and I have a problem, when I build app to apk file, I do not have any errors in Logs and build finishes without any warnings/errors, but my app crush in the real devices without any errors and Android Studio(I try to open this apk file) shows me error - appname.apk is unsupported binary file. Please, what is the problem?

Hi @tazmans,

Your project configuration and dependencies seem fine. Without the error message, it’s hard to tell what the issue can be. A couple of this I’d suggest for you to try:

  • Upgrade expo package version to 47.0.8 by adding it to package.json and re-installing dependencies by running npm install or yarn install.
  • Since you are creating an internal distribution build, I’m assuming you already know about npx expo start --dev-client command. You can try opening the development build with the command npx expo start --no-dev --minify and see if it still crashes. This command runs your in production mode locally and sometimes throws errors that are not visible in dev mode.
  • Also, please see this section in the debugging guide and use adb logcat to debug to see the root cause.