API Response Error: Not logged in.

Hello I got this error when trying to send url to my device using expo send.
I just created my expo account and I have already made sure that the email has been authenticated; also I have logged in to my Expo account on both desktop and mobile (although I am not sure whether this step is necessary).
Any idea how to fix this?

Hey @tnkh,

Can you run expo whoami and let me know what the result is?


Hi I got an error saying:
“Not logged in”

Can you try running expo login?

Oh thanks got it sorted finally. But strangely I didnt see this being documented anywhere when I was reading on the section of sending url over to the phone from desktop.

Glad we got to the bottom of things! Yeah, we could probably do a better job documenting this. It’s in place due to the iOS limitations where users are only able to run experiences authored by the account that is currently logged into.

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