Anyway to convert .mov to .mp4 through Expo, that works on Android as well?

  1. SDK Version: latest
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): latest

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there is anyway to convert a .MOV video to .mp4 (On the client side), so that it can be played on Android using expo?

I really don’t want to eject my project from expo, as i’m afraid i will mess something up, and i also don’t have a Macbook.

I’ve tried to simply rename the file via copyAsync, but it dosent work, becuse the codec from iphone is HVEC, and that codec is not supported. (copyAsync does not change codec on the file, only renames it to .mp4)

Is there anything like ffmpeg for expo or something that i could use?

I’ve searched and searched but couldn’t find anything, besides ejecting my project from expo and then doing it via a react native plugin. (react-native-mov-to-mp4 - npm)
But i prefer to stay with Expo, due to number of reasons (Push notifications, easily push to app stores etc).

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Regards Daniel.

My bad guys,

Android 5+ DOES support the renamed .MOV files, it’s just windows that dosent support it by default.

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