Any way to share image to social apps on Android?

Is there absolutely any way to share an image to social apps on Android without ejecting?
I have been searching everywhere and a lot of people seem to be asking this but haven’t found a solution yet.

React Native’s ‘Share’ works great on iOS with ‘url’ prop but it does not support ‘url’ prop on Android and seems we can only share text messages.

IntentLauncherAndroid also does not seem to work. I have tried

IntentLauncherAndroid.startActivityAsync("android.intent.action.SEND", { URI: uri });

but it doesn’t work.

Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

Hey @amardeep,

As far as I’m aware, there is no pure-JS solution to achieve this behavior on Android. You’d have to use the Bare workflow and use a third-party library that requires native code configuration.


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