Any suggestions for Swipable flat list

react-native-gesture-handler does not close when open another item

Can’t really tell what you’re trying to do, but this thing is pretty awesome for lots of uses related to swiping things:

@llamaluvr That is a very nice library based on their github page.
Have you used it at all? Is it buggy?

Also @supun_cloudcone - would you mind giving us a bit more information? What do you mean by “swipable flatlist”? Do you want to swipe and drag the item (“Tinder” style?), or just scroll back and forth? If it is the former, you can use this package:

Here is also a useful link if you want to build your own item.

yeah, react-native-snap-carousel works pretty great in my experience!

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It looks really nice. That’s my favourite thing - to find new and interesting packages that other people have had success with!