Any solution for - Apple's Subscription Extortion inApp purchase?

My post not necessary geared towards expo but i wanna share experience with other devellopers who also had similar issue and How did they resolved it ?

A week ago i pushed the app to apple store and they rejected my app saying your app uses subscription service you should use the in-App purchase thing by apple.

Me : I dont want the users to subscribe from within the app , I can have the users to chagne the subscrioption from the web , just like Netflix ( who only lets already paying cusotmers to login and use the service )

Arlo ( netgears) product, who only provides the current subscription info and not way to change or update the subsription plan.

Me: I designed the app exactly like Arlo.

Apple: rejected it.

Next I removed everything from app and tried to submit and they’re like

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  1. Does anybody has to go throught this BS, were you able to resolve the subscriopntion outside the app store ?

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  1. Can a company like arlo negotiate with Apple to let them use this page and for others have to follow the instructions ?

Or may be the Rep guy I was talking with didn’t know the rules correctly.

My guess is that Arlo requires a purchase of their hardware for the subscription to do anything. If you are selling digital content (like Netflix, HBO, Hulu etc…) then if a user already signed up - they can login. If the “lead” for the subscription comes via the app store, Apple (and Google) want their rightful cut.

I used react-native-in-app-utils and react-native-billing to get subscriptions working (detached app - used pod installs vs npm & link).


@chidgeychris. You do make sense in regards with Arlo. They do sell the external products.

I wonder if I can do like Spotify ( earlier Netflix ) , they do who do have a subscription model but they don’t mention anywhere on the APP UI about the subscription, and users sorta know that they can get info about the pay plan from the website ?

There are a lot of apps in the Apple app store that provide subscription outside the apple app platform, but do not provide Apple’s In App purchase feature to their users.

Here are few example of that.

Podio, here is the subscription model of Podio:
Sales Force:

I do not want the app users to subscribe from inside the Apple app, then why am I required to provide Apple’s in-app purchase ?

@chidgeychris what do you think ? Is my point valid ?

I cannot speak for Apple but maybe because these are all primarily business to business offerings? Maybe related to Apple’s B2B apps and volume purchases.

There are all sorts of edge cases - Amazon sells magazine subs via their app, or subscriptions to monthly delivery of protein powder.

If yours is not an edge case - then I suspect you will be arguing a losing position with Apple.

The “good news” is none of this is impacted by React Native or Expo. You just need to detach if you decide to move forward with the required libraries.

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We had exactly the same issue with our app. In our case we are a professional database and just wanted to make an iOS app available to our existing users. Got the same rejection, appealed it twice, even had calls with Apple to discuss it and they were completely immovable, even after we cited numerous examples (as you did) of other companies that do things the way we wanted to.

They were also completely unwilling on the phone to explain why we in their opinion we would not qualify for the exclusions that other companies do and indicated it’s an internal decision making process that they weren’t willing to share.


@chidgeychris Can you please tell the whole process?
I linked react native iap
then i make my payment.js as react native iap says
then i exp detahc
then i do pod install
what to do now?
include store.kit from xcode?

If you detach and install a library for in app purchases, I would recommend react-native-iap. It handles both iOS and Android and is still being maintained. I have used react-native-in-app-utils and react-native-billing before and since react-native-in-app-utils stopped being maintained I switched to react-native-iap. At first there were some issues, but they have been resolved and the library works great for me.

please tell me whole process you do for react-native-iap for ios via detach that will save my life’s time.

There are detailed instructions on the github repo:
Let me know if you have any specific questions.

please check this issue i am able to fix many things just one thing remaining

Hi, not sure what your issue is. I suspect /Users/jazzy/.expo/PATH does not exist? In step 4, is exp a typo? The exp command got replaceed by expo ( I’d recommend you to make a backup of your folder then, remove everything eject related (ios and android folders and eject related content in app.json). Then make sure you use the latest version of expo-cli and try again. Good luck :smile:

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