Any issues with starting a new expo project with an existing app id?

I have an expo managed app in production on the ios store but the sdk version is deprecated and the code is messy. I want to refactor within an nx monorepo so I can share code between the server/mobile app.
If I start a new repo, create a fresh expo app with expo init, copy over all the old implementation code into the new expo project, update deprecated dependencies and copy over everything in app.json (including app identifier), can I then build my (new) expo app using expo build ios and expect the newest version of my app to go out on an OTA update? Are there any pitfalls that might confuse any other technologies along the way? Thanks!

UPDATE: went ahead and did it. everything seems to be fine. fingers still crossed for future updates but seems like you can do this. Hopefully going to enjoy sharing code across my apps with nx now :slight_smile:

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