Any config-plugin examples for linked libraries?

  • Managed workflow
  • eas-cli 0.56.0

After reading this thread I’m wondering if anyone out there has written a config plugin for enabling the AdSupport.framework as documented in the firebase-analytics-docs, or made a config-plugin for something similar?

Anyone who has created something similar and would consider sharing?

Hi @dj_icebear

I’d approach it as follows:

Create a new app and run expo prebuild -p ios
Add the ios directory to Git
Open the project in Xcode and manually add the framework as per the documentation
Run git diff to see what changes were made

You should see that the changes were made to the ios/appname.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj file. So that’s what your config plugin will need to do.

In the config plugin docs I see there’s a withXcodeProject mod plugin, so see if there’s something related if you search for that in the “expo” org on GitHub. (You’ll need to be logged into GitHub.)

Thanks! That sounds like a great approach!

I searched the expo org but I was hoping for an example withXcodeProject adding a framework or library to have a peak at as a starting point

I see there is an addFramework function. Maybe see if searching for that helps: