Announcement: Availability of Documentation in Ebook Formats (pdf, epub, mobi)


Nothing makes me happier than to download full documentation in pdf format; ..I'm a very cheap date.

I'm reading a book on React Native at the moment, and it speaks glowingly about the benefits of using Expo for rapid development. I wanted to learn more, but quickly hit a wall: the documentation is only available on the website.. no pdf.

I took a brief detour.. and wrote some scripts to convert the docs from markdown (obtained from this repo) to various ebook formats: pdf, epub, and mobi.

The repo containing the scripts can be found here. Generated ebooks are included under tagged releases.

The scripts are GPLv2.

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Hey there.
I can´t get this working under windows 10 :frowning:
Is there anybody who can provide me a pdf docu from v35.0?