"Animated node with id 2 already exists" after upgrading to Expo 39 or 40

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 40, managed wf
  2. Platforms: Android

Hey everyone, I came across an issue when trying to upgrade to the newest Expo version.
The issue only occurs to me on Android only (after opening through Expo and as a standalone app).
The problem is when I run my app, I get "Animated node with id 2 already exists" error which does not allow me to get through. On standalone app, it just shows splashscreen, and then it turns to whitescreen, and that is it.

I am almost sure that there’s a conflict of reanimated versions (there was a newer version of reanimated injected into expo-39). I have a dep library that uses 1.9.0, and expo 39 (and 40) needs reanimated 1.13.0.

What I have already tried:

What could possibly go wrong and how to get over that? Thank you!

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