androidManifest.xml file

Hi All,

I created an expo project. I can run this expo project without any issues. I just need to put the

android.Manifest.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION in androidManifest.xml file

because I am trying to find the current location of the user. I searched for androidManifest.xml file in my application and there are about 15 androidManifest.xml file in different folders of my expo project for e.g androidmanifest.xml file is located in :



I am not sure which androidManifest file should I change. I don’t have a folder called android or ios under my application root.
If I need to eject my expo application to see these folder then can I un - eject this expo application and publish it. I just found very convenient to create ipa and .apk file using expo.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @mobileapps123!

You can do add that permission in your app.json :+1:

You don’t have access to changing the xml file in an Expo managed project, the app.json file let’s you make the necessary changes


hi @charliecruzan
how we can write the permission in app.json?

Can I also configure the AndroidManifest.xml, specifically this * 'android:screenOrientation="landscape"'* in app.json? If not, is there a way I can do it without ejecting my project from Expo? I’m still a beginner programmer, and a self-taught at that, so kindly pardon if my question seems to be too basic.