Android vertical video stretched

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 36
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

I have mp4 and hls videos in vertical orientation. It is all done fine in style and the problem is not with differences in layout between IOS and Android.

This is how my video displayed on IOS device:

And this is android:

I checked onReadyForDisplay option and got this value of natureSize:
iOS: "height": 1080, "orientation": "landscape", "width": 607.5,
Android: "height": 1080, "orientation": "portrait", "width": 1080,

Maybe someone experienced this issue?

Hey @egorzotov, could you share the full implementation of your Video component and the style properties?

Hi! Here is props of component
Functions are irrelevant, they do nothing with restyling.

Object {
  "isLooping": true,
  "onFullscreenUpdate": [Function _callee],
  "onPlaybackStatusUpdate": [Function anonymous],
  "progressUpdateIntervalMillis": 100,
  "ref": [Function ref],
  "resizeMode": "contain",
  "shouldPlay": true,
  "source": Object {
    "uri": "",
  "style": Object {
    "backgroundColor": "black",
    "height": 753,
    "width": 360,
  "useNativeControls": false,

Here is implementation of player (video view renders expo Video component with above props):

<View style={[styles['video'], style]}>
</View >

Styles of wrapper:

  Object {
    "alignItems": "center",
    "backgroundColor": "#000",
    "justifyContent": "center",
    "overflow": "hidden",
    "position": "relative",
  Object {
    "backgroundColor": "black",
    "height": 753,
    "width": 360,

It is impossible to reproduce or I didn’t provided enough info?
I am moving my app to sdk 39 - I will write down if this is resolved there.

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