Android Upload and build .ipa failed, Cause of SHA certificate

Hey @biplov14 - could you let us know how long ago you deleted your account, and when the last time was that you made a successful build on the previous account? This will be important in order to find the right backup date. Thanks!

I had created my last build on 15 oct 2018 and after that I deleted my account (biplov1401).
Need to update my app , so can you restore my old account ? If no what are the possible solutions to update my app , please suggest .

please reply as soon as possible ?
After expo build:ios -c
Error occured :-

Thanks in advance.

Revoke your existing certificates on apple developer site.

i have only one existing certificate in distribution Which is Live on App sore of my App.
And in All certificate One is ios distribution and one is type of Apple push Service.
Please help ?

expo build:android -c
Apk is generated but from new account it is not uploading on play store.
Error :-

Upload failed
You uploaded an APK that is signed with a different certificate to your previous APKs. You must use the same certificate. Your existing APKs are signed with the certificate(s) with fingerprint(s):
and the certificate(s) used to sign the APK you uploaded have fingerprint(s):

need help ?

You can’t change the keystore once you uploaded an app to Google Play.

What you should have done was creating a backup of a keystore before deleting your old account (expo is storing a keystore for you). When you deleted an account we deleted the credentials with it.

@esamelson offered restoring your keystore from backup - please give him time to wake up - it’s still early in California.

@jakubste sir.
i can loose my job if u dont help me beacuse need to update my App from 20 october.

@biplov14 - I’ve replied to your email.

For anyone else coming across this post, please note that we will not always have the ability or bandwidth to retrieve old backed up data. We do not recommend you delete your account if you have any apps in production, and if you do, you do so at your own risk. It is your responsibility to back up any data you need before doing so, as @jakubste said.

@esamelson sir.
Done for android.
Thanku so much.

sure next time it shouldn’t happened.
And Sir What about My .Ipa ?


@biplov14 - did you try @jakubste 's suggestion of revoking your existing certificates?

@esamelson sir ,After that Above issue occured ?

@biplov14 - the error here, “Maximum number of certificates generated” is coming straight from Apple. You probably have some more old certificates on your account that you still need to delete. See more discussion/suggestions about this issue here: How to fix ‘build:ios’ error - you already have a current ios distribution certificate

i have only one existing certificate in distribution Which is Live on App sore of my App.
And in All certificate One is ios distribution and one is type of Apple push Service.
Nothing for delete.

@esamelson sir ,

Ihave followed this link
[How to fix 'build:ios' error - you already have a current ios distribution certificate]

Command :- expo build:ios -c

 Error : ? Will you provide your own Distribution Certificate? Let Expo handle the process
? Will you provide your own Push Certificate? Let Expo handle the process
[01:39:36] Error while gathering & validating credentials
[01:39:36] Reason:Unexpected response, raw:{"responseId":"3e4aef5e-4766-4b83-9f33-3d8115fee1f3","resultCode":7460,"resultString":"Ma
ximum number of certificates generated","userString":"You already have a current iOS Distribution certificate or a pending certificate request.","creationTimestamp":"XXXXXXXXXX","protocolVersion":"XXXXle":"en_US","requestUrl":"","httpCode":200}
[01:39:36] Set EXPO_DEBUG=true in your env to view the stack trace

Command :- expo build:ios --revoke-apple-dist-certs --revoke-apple-push-certs -c

but it gives me this

[00:42:37] ATTENTION: Revoking your Apple Distribution Certificates is permanent
? Which Certs to revoke? (Press <space> to select, <a> to toggle all, <i> to invert selection)
<Spaceship::Portal::Certificate::Production id="XXXXXXX" name="iOS Distribution" status="Issued" created=2018-10-04 22:19:10 U
TC expires=2019-10-04 22:09:10 UTC owner_type="team" owner_name="XXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXX" owner_id="XXXXXXXXX" type_display_id=
"XXXXXXXX" can_download=true>

Can i do this ?
it affect my app which is on app store or not ?
reply please ?

@biplov14 - yes, as we’ve already said, you need to revoke those existing certificates. You may also need to revoke the provisioning profile for this app on your apple account. After doing so, run expo build:ios -c to have expo automatically create new certificates.

Push notifications on your production app will not work in between deleting the certificate and running expo build:ios -c but should be unaffected after new credentials are created. Your app on the App Store should be otherwise unaffected.

@esamelson sir ,
No words are enough to compliment Your Help.
thanku 100 times.
Step 1 :- created apk and uploaded which is mailed by you.
Step 2 :- go to Apple developer console.
Step 3 :- Delete All Certificate,no matter what it is.
Step 4 :- expo build:ios
Step 5 :- Done .ipa file.

For Step 3 References Here :-
Ref 1 :-

Ref 2 :-

Now Finally Done Everything.
Thanks to @Expo
and @jakubste too.

@biplov14 glad you figured it out! Thanks for posting your steps here for other people to find in the future. :+1:

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Hey, would it be possible to extend the Expo docs with the importance of, the Expo account and Android key, backups?

I didn’t know about that problem and would like to make a backup.
If it is already in the docs, can you please post the link?


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