Android system version

I need to get the version of the system on which my application is installed. In the case of ios, I use “Expo.Constants.platform” and download systemVersion from the object. In the same way, it can not be done for android because the android has versionCode not systemVersion.That’s why I want to find out how to get information about the system version in android. Something like “Google Nexus 6 - 8.0 - API 26 - 1440x2560”. I will be grateful for the implementation example.

Hey @goldscirer,

We need to update our docs but the same fields are available for Android as they are for iOS. So you can get the Android OS version as well.



This is not the case. The result of the command "Expo.Constants.platform”on the android is (“android”:{“versionCode”:94}}. How can I get the name and version of the system in that case?

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