Android system dialogs appearing squashed in emulator

I’m using expo and the android emulator on Ubuntu Mate and I’m unable to select Android pop up menu options on system dialogs.

Strangely, Android notifications/dialogs appear squashed in the top of the screen.

If I click on the squashed image it expands but isn’t accessible to interact with. I’m unable to use the developer support menu. Is this a temporary bug or have I done something dumb? I really would appreciate any suggestions here. I’ve rebuilt an Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1 vm on Windows Workstation 15 to try to fix this but the issue persists.

The squashed menu appears at the top of the screen.

When I click on the squashed menu it appears in the background but it isn’t available for selection.

Thank you for your help!

I have found the solution. :smiley:

It seems disabling 3D acceleration in VMWare Workstation for this virtual machine did the trick and now the dialogs are displaying properly!

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Glad you got it resolved @edwardborland!

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