Android Standalone build failed

Same problem here

Me too :frowning:

Maybe something happened on Expo server…

Can someone please Report this to =

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have you guys experienced the same error as this -> “android-shell-app” errored, im using the stand alone android build too :frowning:

+1 same problem

I am experiencing this issue just now. Has anyone got any update ?

Hi, we’re really sorry about this. We’re deploying a fix right now, which should be available soon. You can see updates at . Let us know if you continue to have issues after the fix is deployed!


Now android build works well.

Hi esamelson, thanks for ur fast respon. Now it works!!! Many Thanks

How do I fix this for a detached app? Same error. I don’t see any new version of the expo package available, still 28.0.0. Thanks for your speedy response thus far.

Hi @rmaniar - you should be able to fix this yourself by changing the lottie dependency from 2.5.+ to 2.5.5 in android/app/build.gradle. We’ll put out an expokit update shortly.

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I also had to change android/maven/host/exp/exponent/expoview/28.0.0/expoview-28.0.0.pom and (maybe?) ivy-28.0.0.xml

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@rmaniar ah okay, sorry about that, glad you figured it out. For anyone else having this issue, I just put out an update to expokit which fixes this – you can get it by following the normal upgrade instructions here .

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Same here

Hi @jamesalopez - the fix has been deployed to our build servers, so if you start a new build now it should not encounter this error. If your app is detached then you’ll need to follow the instructions above to fix it.

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@jamesalopez, i have detached app, where is the “instructions above”?

You have to change the lottie dependency from 2.5.+ to 2.5.5 in:

  • android/app/build.gradle
  • android/maven/host/exp/exponent/expoview/28.0.0/expoview-28.0.0.pom
  • android/maven/host/exp/exponent/expoview/28.0.0/ivy-28.0.0.xml

Then in Android Studio, File->Sync Project With Gradle and then clean build.


@rmaniar We love you, kisses from i9xp team

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