Android SplashScreen only disappears when changing orientation

This only happens at first install, or if I delete all the application data in settings.

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Hey @fitsolutionskft,

What SDK version are you running? Also, is this a standard Expo project or did you detach?



SDK 29
It’s a standard Expo project.
Also the standalone apk was created with the latest version of exp.

Got it. Thanks for the information. Any chance you were able to repro this on a new project or is the behavior just occurring with your current project?

Unfortunately I was not.
I have an another project, where this is not an issue.
That app also created the same way (sdk 29, standalone).

Since it only happens on the first startup, I think these can be relevant infos:

The splash image is a 530x211 png, 10.2 KB

        "splash": {
            "image": "./assets/images/login_logo.png",
            "backgroundColor": "#303030",
            "resizeMode": "contain"

I also load this asset in the root component with the AppLoading component.

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