Android splash screen background flicker on keyboard open

Whenever I open the keyboard on Android, I get a flash of color right beneath where the keyboard is loading. I included a screenshot and gif to make this more clear.

I get this on every screen when the keyboard is triggered. I’ve confirmed this is from the splash backgroundColor property in app.json. I do NOT have this issue on the expo client - only in the standalone app.

I recently updated react navigation from 4 to 5 and expo from 36 to 37, so not sure which dependency introduced this regression. Any ideas?

Expo SDK Version: 37
Platforms: Android


Same here

Hey all,

Sorry for the late response here, @djangojack. I’ll start off by asking if you had gotten to the bottom of this issue? If not, a good next step may be to revert your changes and update the Expo SDK and react-navigation versions one at a time to perhaps pinpoint which change introduced the issue.

If it’s the SDK version upgrade, it would be worth looking at the react-native repo to see if the react-native version (0.61) has a report indicating that the keyboard issue comes from within react-native.


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