Android signed APK

I build a signed APK from a detached expo project, when I first install and run it on some Android devices, the first load takes like 10 minutes, Anyone know what’s the problem?

woah. hmmm, that’s bad. what is the URL of the app? what device are you loading it on?

Device: 1. LG-VS985 android sdk: 7.1.2
2. HTC One_M8 andrid sdk: 6.0

@ccheever I have the usual expo app. And i got the apk from the terminal by running exp build:android

so when i try to upload the apk , I get this apkNotSgined error.


in order to sign the app I run following command

jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs android%2F@jjlafsd%2Fapp-name-f6814100-ca00-11e7-a79b-0a580a781008-signed.apk

Is my above command correct ?