Android Sentry sourcemaps are not working


This is more or less a duplicate of this issue, which was closed due to inactivity.

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hello! you should reach out to sentry support and ask for help. this may be an issue on their end

Thanks, will do.

Can you update this thread with results of contacting sentry support?

I received a reply from Sentry saying that it appears we’re using an out of date JavaScript SDK, and there’s a native SDK we should be using instead. Is this something that can be bundled in future versions of Expo? We’d prefer not to have to eject if we can avoid it.

A somewhat related question, is there a way to see the libraries and versions that are bundled as part of Expo?

I just updated sentry-expo to 1.11.0 that uses 0.40.2 of react-native-sentry. The previous version was ^0.39.0.

As for the native library, you will not be able to use it for standalone apps built using the Expo build service and it doesn’t make much sense for you to use it anyways because you don’t manage any of the native code.

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