Android Push Notifications not working. Push send api status ok.

Hi All,

Receiving push notifications on Android not working.

Registering and get token is good.
push ticket status is “ok”. How to troubleshoot further.

expo 42.0.x
using eas build.

Thank you. dp

Hey @techpanga, can you share what Android device(s) and OS versions you are encounter this on?

Hi @adamjnav
Thanks for quick response.

Model Pixel 2 XL
Android Version 11
expo ^42.0.0
expo-notifications ^0.12.2

Also used “useNextNotificationsApi”: true, in app.json for android

I am able to send test notification from Firebase Cloud Messaging Engage section and able to receive notification successfully.

I do not have any problem for iOS devices.

-Regards, dp