Android Notifications don't come with the correct content

Hello there,

I’m currently on expo 46.0.2 / expo-notifications 0.16.1 and I’m having issues with notifications exclusively on Android.
I configured my Google Cloud Key, google-services.json and API Key and stuff but whenever I POST to something like

    "to": "ExponentPushToken[UO62y4Lt4vT2i8DjkCNVs8]",
    "title": "Login",
    "body": "Login Anfrage",
    "categoryId": "2faRequest",
    "data": {
      "mfaKey": "asldkjalksfas",
      "username": "test",
      "application": "abc",
      "device": "def"

the received notification on Android looks like this:

If I POST without data, it just shows the same but with an empty JSON in the Notification body.
It works in Expo Go and it works on iOS but in Android it just won’t.
Has someone experienced something similar?

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