Android Live Reload not a full reload?

I’m experiencing a low-quality, barely usable Live Reload on Android as opposed to iOS, and I’m wondering how much of this is working as intended. I’m using the latest Expo with real devices talking over Wifi on the LAN, with Live Reload enabled and Hot Reload disabled.

On iOS, everything is pretty great with Live Reload:

  • Live Reload is triggered immediately and takes a few seconds total
  • There’s a status bar that says “Downloading…” etc
  • The screen shows the dotted rounded rectangle splash screen
  • The app loads in a “fresh” state, as if it just launched

On Android:

  • It takes as much as 10 seconds before anything happens on the screen
  • Sometimes it never reloads at all
  • There is never any status bar
  • There’s no dotted rounded rectangle splash screen (which there is on a manual reload), which makes me think it is not doing a full reload
  • The screen goes white, and after a couple seconds the app loads
  • If the keyboard was visible, it remains visible! Also, in this state, Keyboard.dismiss() doesn’t work

Hey we are working on a related issue right now: Will mention your post in that issue so we remember to address it!

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