Android list of videos error with FlatList and RecyclerListView

I apologize in advance for my bad English and if I have the wrong category.

I’m trying to display a list of Instagram-style videos using Expo’s “Video” and “Flatlist”.

I’m having problems with the Android platform.
While iOS has no display problem Android: does not display some videos from the list while or only the player is displayed and does not load the video, at refresh it stops working and displays all white videos.

After that I tried using RecyclerListView to optimize performance.
Ios: Improved performance
Android: Same situation, it seemed improved as it was able to load the first 5/6 videos but then it represented the same mistakes as the Flalist.

Later I tried to create a cover for the videos and at the click of the user start the video component.

Android continues to present these video errors for both lists (Flalist and RecyclerListView).

Anyone with any solution to view a list of videos on Android please help me!

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