Android intent filter: associate app with file extension


This could be done for android by adding this

 <data android:mimeType="application/pdf" />

in the intent-filter in AndroidManifest.xml (in android studio).

I searched but couldn’t find anything in react-native or expo for handling incoming pdf file.

How can i catch this file name when opening a pdf from outside the app?

note: just found this feature request which is a bit similar:


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Hi @flieks, so far we only support app linking via url schemes, where you could pass the file name as a url parameter (ie) . Afaik, intent-filters can only be done right now via detached mode.

We will try our best to implement the requests on our feature board, please add/upvote feature requests if there are some things you wish to see in the future!

Hi, @quinlanj any update for this issue?


I’m working on a solution to have a PDF offline viewer, inner app viewer (android capable, using expo):

Hi @quinlanj :slight_smile:
Is there any update on the integration status of the share receive feature? I would love to use the full fleshed expo experience while still being able to recieve data from other apps and being listed when a file is being shared.
Is there any way to do that now without ejecting?

It seems like quite a few people have requested this for quite some time now: