Android InAppPurchases not working


I’m trying to get a one-time in-app purchase working for both Android and iOS. On iOS, this works fine. On Android, this does not work. I have created an in-app purchase on my Google Play Store product page, I have added “” permission to the manifest, and I have added the latest billing library to the Gradle as well.

If I try it when not using the release version it seems to go to the purchase listener before it does anything else. I get the warning of a possible unhandled promise. The result in the purchase listener is empty. I get the OK response when using getProductsAsync. I have uploaded the app to the Google Play store in the internal test track and I get nothing when I press the button to purchase things in the app. Am I doing something wrong?

Edit: I would like to clarify that I DO get a result when using getProductsAsync and it is the correct information. I DO NOT get results from within the purchase listener and for some reason, the purchase listener comes up before I call getProductsAsync.

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