Android hotspot, expo client on same device "Something went wrong"


I am using my Android phone in order to provide internet connection to my computers, either through WiFi hotspot, or USB thetering.

I have other phones available for development, connected to the same WiFi hotspot, and all expo instances run correctly on all of them.

The Android device that is thetering the network connection however doesn’t.
Every time I start the Expo client on this one, it correctly lists the projects (I am logged in both expo-cli and expo clients) and the currently running instances from any development computers; but if I try to load any running instances I get the “Something went wrong. Could not load exp://some-ip:por>” error. The details just list FatalError and a message “Uncaught Error: Could not load exp://some-ip:port”.

The Tunnel link, which worked (sometimes) in the past, errors out as well with “Tunnel URL not found (it might not be ready yet), falling back to LAN URL.” no matter what I try.

Does anyone have a solution for this? It’s quite urgent, please…

p.s. I am running the latest expo-cli and expo client, most projects are SDK 36 or 37.