Android)Expo.Google.logInAsync function crashes

Hi all.

Please understand if my English and explanation is not so fluent. I’m on 2-weeks projects with my teammates in an web coding boot camp, and I can’t find a solution using Expo.Google signin verification. Any reference or experience solving it would be appreciated.
Here’s my reproduction procedure.

  1. open android expo app.
  2. tap scan QR code.
  3. scan QR code on metro bundler.
  4. when my testing app opens, tap signin button
  5. this opens webview and ask me the permission to access on my account.
  6. accepting it my phone immediately returns to expo app not my testing app, I tried to reach my testing app and it is still there, but I tap the signin button again, it says the app crashed.
  7. the error on my editor: In Progress error: Error: cannot set promise - some async operation is still in progress .
    BTW, I’m using windows 10, galaxy a6, metro bundler for testing and the project is not yet ejected.

my code

import * as Expo from 'expo';

export default class HomeScreen extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {

signInWithGoogleAsync = async () => {
  try {
    const result = await Expo.Google.logInAsync({
      androidClientId: '',
      //iosClientId: YOUR_CLIENT_ID_HERE,
      scopes: ['profile', 'email'],

    if (result.type === 'success') {
      return result.accessToken;
    } else {
      return {cancelled: true};
  } catch(e) {
    return {error: true};
onLoginPress = async () => {
  const result = await this.signInWithGoogleAsync()
  // if there is no result.error or result.cancelled, the user is logged in
  // do something with the result

  static navigationOptions = {
    title: 'Home'
  render() {

    return (
        <Button title="Sign in with Google" onPress={this.onLoginPress} />
        <Button title="gotomap" onPress={() => this.props.navigation.navigate('MapScreen')}></Button>
        <Button title="check" onPress={() => this.checked()}></Button>


Thanks again for your help.

I got the same issue. It was working well a week ago but now when I try with Google Sign In, the issue happens.

According to this thread it’s a bug in sdk 32:

Thanks! I should try downgrading expo sdk

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