[Android][expo-av][SDK33] Playing Video on an Android device causes the application to become unresponsive following an upgrade to SDK 33

We’ve discovered an issue, when playing video content on an android device following an upgrade to the latest SDK, the application becomes unresponsive. Audio player works as expected, and this issue does not affect iOS. No exceptions or errors are thrown, and logcat doesn’t seem to spit out anything suspicious.

Our code has not changed between SDK 32 and SDK 33. The majority of the code has been written following the official expo-av example.

Video of behavior can be found here:
Android Video Player Issue, ExoPlayer

The QA report is as follows:

It has been observed that if a user selects a video to play from the ‘Media’ section of the app the page becomes unresponsive and all of the menu CTAs are non-selectable. The user is also unable to select a video point or maximize the video and the only option is to fully close and restart the app. It is expected that videos can be played without issues present. 

Steps to recreate: 
1.	Open AUT
2.	Login to a valid account
3.	Select the ‘Media’ CTA 
4.	Select a video (used: ‘Shake and write’)
5.	Select the ‘Play’ CTA icon
6.	Attempt to interact with the video bar 
7.	Observe video is not affected 
8.	Select one of the menu CTAs
9.	Observe CTAs are no longer selectable

Reported against:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - Android 7.0

This issue is known to occur on:
Samsung Galaxy Tab A - Android 7.0
Samsung Galaxy S9 - Android 8.0

Reproduction rate:
100% - Consistently reproducible. Can reproduce every time attempted. 

Supporting material:

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