Android: Error with this build

I successfully built my ios, and then ran exp build:android…it starts to build but after a few moments when I check the status it says Android: There was an error with this build. Here is my latest build number:
Build ID: e67a4770-9c6f-482a-8e77-3f1d37570f54

Can you please help with this? Thanks


Could not find method versionCode() for arguments [1.1] on ProductFlavor_Decorated{name=main, dimension

I think you used a non integer value (1.1 probably) for version code, and that is causing the problem. Can you change that to an integer and try again?

We’re working on our build service right now so that it will surface better errors to you and check for more things. Sorry for this trouble.


Thanks…yes, that did the trick.