Android error after builds

I have build the app for android using expo-cli with the command expo build: android. I am having 2 issues:
1)module appregistry is not a registered callable module(calling runapplication)
2)evaluating babelHelpers.interopRequireDefault(h)

Hey @ydvsailendarz,

Let’s start with 1. This occurs when you have an error in your app that prevents the JS bundle from being spun up. I’d recommend either running expo start --no-dev --minify to see if you can figure it out. If that doesn’t shed any light, open the apk in Android studio and use adb logcat to dive into the device logs which are much more detailed.


Oh thanks. i was able to resolve the issue by removing some expo imports using for getting url which used to throw this issue in production build.

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Glad you go to the bottom of it! :clap:

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