Android emulator not working after eject project from expo (v.30)

After ejecting the project from expokit , I can’t run the app in android emulator. I did’nt receive any errors… nothing happend:

[17:22:05] Opening on Android device …

and nothing.

The app runs normally in iOS.

I need to Know if the android project (ejected from expo) needs the AndroidManifiest.xml file, because this file is not present in my android project…

try use /android/ but open your emulator first

I fix it now How? for some reason in the last ejection from expo didn’t eject the AndroidManifest.xml and Google google-services.jsonfiles….

I traveled a cross the time with Git in the past in another branch, and (outside of git) make again an eject of Expo to Expokit option, and I see the manifest and the google json file …
so, I copied this missing files
to the another project
and run ./ inside the android folder and the project BUILD SUCCESSFUL
before i run expo start and then ./ inside android folder in another terminal instance and it’s works

it’s working now…

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