[android] EAS build generate build with blurry/ugly app icon

Hello, i’m facing a huge problem since i’ve migrated to eas build on Android.

The app generated with eas build command comes with a very blurry app launcher icon, i’ve tried many icons so far : the default ones that comes with the new project, high resolutions ones created from scratch…but with no success the launcher app icon always looks blurry and ugly after installation.
Please help if some one has a fix.

Expo sdk 45
Eas build latest version.

Thanks in advance

use the android adaptiveIcon property instead of just the regular icon. App Icons - Expo Documentation

Thanks for the reply but it doesn’t work either ways

I can see this issue with splash screen icon is blurry, after 1-2 seconds the good quality image is shown and the size is different for both

I can reproduce this only on Android 12 devices, I will share a screen recording with a test project

Thanks for your reply

I have no issues what so ever with splash screen but the launcher icon is blurry no matter what I’ve tried.

I hope someone here has a fix to that i have to deliver the project in a week.

Did you follow this guide?

Yes i did.

The icon looks fine when i was using the old expo build the issue is when using eas build

can you please share a minimal reproducible example project using adaptive icon where this is not working for you as expected?

i told you before i’m using the default icons

newly created project, see the “loti” icon. please share more info if you want help. run npx expo-env-info, put the project on github