Android Double message

  1. SDK Version: “expo”: “^42.0.0”,
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): “Android”


import * as SMS from “expo-sms”;

  if (Platform.OS === "android") {
    SMS.sendSMSAsync(selectedNumbers.join(), "Sample");

results in the default sms app opening with “Sample Sample” prefilled in the message box. IOS result is “Sample”. Is this a bug with the library or maybe particular to the text app on android?

Hey @archmind, can you provide a reproducible Snack of this? I tried to reproduce this but could not. (joyous waffles - Snack) On my Galaxy 8 it opens without any duplication.

@adamjnav thanks for responding. after thorough testing today, i’ve determined that this problem is specific to the texting app (“textra”).

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