Android DatePicker button text color irregular in Expo 43 managed workflow app

SDK Version: 43.0.3
datetimepicker version: 3.5.2 (5.0.1 have same problem)
Platforms(Android): API28、29、30

I’m using the react native community Date Time Picker in my managed workflow Expo app(Expo SDK Version 43.0.3)
I recently found out that on older Android phones, the text color of the module would render as white, thus not visible on white background.

This only happens when using display “spinner” and not the “calendar” (default) one. In spinner display, I have a green text color on recent Android and white on old ones. In calendar, I have a nice blue color.

I saw a lot of issues on their github to fix this, and all solutions include managing the style file in the android folder.

Another solution I tried was adding a “primaryColor” field in Expo config file, but this changed nothing.

Does someone know how to fix this issue, changing color or preventing it to render as white in a managed expo app?

Reproducible sample code

sample code for snack.expo

Were you ever able to find a solution here? I saw a GitHub comment saying to upgrade to Expo 44 but no word on weather that resolved the issue:

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