(Android) Creating multiple APKs and bundling them together

Hello guys!!

I have two different projects:

  • One Expo app intended to be used only on mobile phones,
  • Another one with the same look and feel using vanilla React Native which will be used only on TVs.

Currently, the mobile one is already built and released using EAS. I am trying to follow the same process with the TV app and reuse the same Application Identifier, so then users are not confused when they go to the Google Play Store. After going through the developer android documentation I found some articles where they mention that you can bundle multiple Android Package Kits (APKs) in the same Android App Bundle (AAB).

My question is: does anyone have experience building the APKs of both projects, bundling them, and submitting it to the Google Play Store?

Same issue here, I have also searched for it but can not seem to find a solution. Any help would be highly appreciated.

For us it is also very important because the in app purchasing items are then shared and we dont need to fill them in twice. Thanks!

I noticed that the Play Store allows you to add multiple aabs or apks to the same release

A solution would be if we could provide multiple eas build numbers to the eas-cli submit so then we could create a release with multiple aabs or apks.