Android crashing without error message

My app has been crashing on android, suddenly and without any error, both in the emulator and standalone. I’ve been combing through our logcat but don’t really see anything or know what to look for and would really appreciate any help.

The app crashes somewhere around this line:

2019-01-31 21:35:36.748 1916-1982/? W/InputDispatcher: channel '6b338e6 (server)' ~ Consumer closed input channel or an error occurred.  events=0x9

In addition to crashing the app, it seems to also clear out our redux store which we save using redux-persist. Maybe it has something to do with memory, or maybe redux-persist doesn’t get a chance to save to the filesystem. Either way, it results in our users getting logged out of the app after it crashes.

Logcat output from 20 seconds before to 8 seconds after:

Update: by whitelisting only some keys in my redux-persist config I was able to make a lot of the crashing stop. Before I was storing around ~6MB of text in AsyncStorage using redux-persist and think I must’ve been hitting some sort of limit. I now just store a few kilobytes. There’s still some other performance issues sometimes crashing the app but they’re much more rare and don’t log out our users!

Relevant issue on redux-persist github:

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