Android Build Timeout Error

Hi Guys,
I got a timeout error when I tried to build the android apk:
Timeout reached! Project is taking longer than expected to finish building, aborting wait…
The app was in status: Queued for around 30 minutes.

Any suggestions?

Expo CLI 3.8.0 environment info:
OS: Windows 10
npm: 6.9.0 - C:\Program Files\nodejs\npm.CMD
Android Studio: Version AI-191.8026.42.35.5791312


The build servers are probably just a bit swamped at the moment. The client times out, but that does not mean the build has timed out. Check the your build URL to see the status.

Also check the status of the build servers here.

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Hi Wodin,
yes, it took around an hour but now it got finished.
It was my first build, so I wasnt aware that it can take this time.

Thx for your help :+1:

Hi @volkerb

No problem.

When there is spare capacity it can take 6 minutes, but during busy times it can take quite long.

It’s also possible to build the app yourself. I’ve not tried it, but here is the documentation in case you’re interested:

Also, if you sign up for the Priority plan your builds will get prioritized over users on the Community plan.

That’s quite cool! I will definitely check out the Turtle CLI next time :+1:.

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