Android build time takes too long

exp] Making sure project is set up correctly...
[exp] Your project looks good!
[exp] Checking if current build exists...

[exp] ============
[exp] Build Status
[exp] ============

[exp] Android: Build in progress...

Build time is taking more than 3 hours? Is there some issue with the Android builder queues?

Hi Saleem, We have an issue where sometimes build jobs will fail, but not properly update the tooling that it seems like you’ve run into. Android build jobs should never take more than an hour.

I’ve restarted your job manually, so hopefully you should have your result soon.

I have the same problem, my package is a long time in the queue and does not end.
Can you help me please ?

[exp] Checking if current build exists…

[exp] ============
[exp] Build Status
[exp] ============

[exp] Android: Build waiting in queue…

Thanks, I’am Rafael.

Hi @faelsolucoes, i’ve cleared the stuck builds in our system, please try restarting your build now. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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my build is also taking too long. What could I do?

Thanks, Felipe.