Android build failed: unable to resolve module

Hi everyone I am trying to compile my application with EAS build but I get an error.
Unable to resolve the module … I am using Babel-plugin-module-resolver Could someone help me?This package work perfectly in my local machine but when i go about eas build i did not know what is the problem?Can you help me.

is the src/screens/interestcenter/InterestCenter file committed to git?

Yes all my files are committed on git

Can you provide a link to GH repo?

Yes. Can you give me your github username ? the repo is private and i would add you to collaborate.

cruzach, although if building locally doesn’t work then I can’t promise that I’ll look into this ASAP (since that means it’s an issue with your project and not EAS Build, and unfortunately we can’t debug each individual react native project since that would just take up too much time)