Android build crashing after eas build (works with expo build)

I migrated a project from expo build to eas build, and while it was working with expo build, the Android app crash almost immediately after launching. I’ve carefully walked through the migration documents and the app works as expected when running off of the development server. I’m having trouble debugging this and would appreciate any suggestions for how to narrow down on the problem.

adb logs give me the same error, regardless if the app is run off of eas build -p android --profile staging or via expo run:android --variant release:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 't.indexOf')
Running "main" with {"rootTag":1}
Invariant Violation: "main" has not been registered. This can happen if:
* Metro (the local dev server) is run from the wrong folder. Check if Metro is running, stop it and restart it in the current project.
* A module failed to load due to an error and `AppRegistry.registerComponent` wasn't called.

I understand that Invariant Violation: "main" can be a red herring, so I’m assuming the real problem is on the TypeError.

How would you go about narrowing down on where this error is occurring? This is a bit out of my debugging wheelhouse… how can I see a stacktrace on this or get more actionable info?

Project Details:

  • Bare Workflow
  • eas-cli 0.52.0
  • Expo 44