Android application size is extremely too big!

Hi there !
I just built an sample application like tinder it’s just have a list of cards and some animation I also built standalone and those are results

APK : 24 Mb,
When Installed On Phone : 78 Mb

this is so much used space for that kind of application it’s so simple app.
I’m wondering how much app size will be If I have application with 20 different screens !!!

Link to project :
Link to APK :

Please help me , is there any method to reduce app size or what to do ?

hello! congrats on building your first app with expo.

24mb apk is a pretty normal size for an android app, and the installed size for any application is always larger than the apk (which is compressed).

I’m wondering how much app size will be If I have application with 20 different screens !!!

it will be approximately the same size, in the order of a few hundred kilobytes more. the bulk of the size is for the native dependencies, the actual javascript side (which is what you control as an expo developer) will be a couple megabytes at most for a large app.

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first thanks for reply :slight_smile:

So application isn’t very complicated I think 24 for that kind of app it’s very large i will test it with much more complex app.

I want to ask you something are you sure that there will be around same size even if I have 20 screen app ?
Because if that is true i’m so happy to continue working on react native : )

yes, it will be about the same size. the only difference will come from the size of the js bundle – you’d start running into other problems than size if you somehow managed to bloat your javascript to take up 5mb+ :smiley:

okay that’s nice, but isn’t there any way at all to reduce simple app size with expo ?

not currently, no. if you would like to create a feature request for this then you’re welcome to on

hello @notbrent,
i too have issue, i have created an apk file of 25mb by expo and later detached and build it with android studio, now its 30mb.
Can you please tell, is there any way to reduce the size of apk, like i have seen people building apk of 7 to 8 mb after detaching, how should i do that.

Any help, link, reference to article is highly appreciated!

Have a look at this article

It may help you

Check this…

It’s already underway