Android app thinks wifi is off when in airplane mode

Im currently overseas so I have my phone in airplane mode so I dont use my phone data, however I still have my wifi turned on to use the internet.

The expo app seems a little confused and wont let me connect via the QR code even though wifi is actually turned on.

Turning off airplane mode it works obviously but I shouldnt need to.


Hey @zoonosis, is this happening on Android or iOS?

As the subject states, Android :wink:

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As a matter of interest, what version of Android/what device is this?

On the devices I’m familiar with, turning on airplane mode disables both the mobile data and the Wifi (and I expect Bluetooth, NFC, etc. as well).

Does your device keep Wifi on in airplane mode? Or are you referring to the mobile data rather than airplane mode?

Yikes. Swing and a miss on my part haha. Per Wodin’s inquiry, can you let me know what device(s) this is occurring on?

I have a Pixel 2 XL

Yes you are correct, when in airplane mode, it kills all connections. This does not stop you though from manually turning on wifi after that…which I do.

That way I know, for sure, I wont get any sneaky phone data charges from my carrier and I can still use the internet.

My guess is in the code, its just doing a simple check for is airplane mode active. If so, alert user that there is no internet and stop execution. Which of course isnt exactly right. It should be checking for any active connection regardless if airplane mode is on or not. You can still have wifi on or bluetooth working when in airplane mode.

:open_mouth: You’re right.

I’m sure that previously when I turned on Wifi while in airplane mode it prompted to leave airplane mode, but I’ve just tried it now and it kept airplane mode enabled, but also enabled the Wifi, at which point web browsing worked.

I suspect you’re right about the simple “if airplane mode” check.