Android App Notification Sound is disabled/off by default

We are trying to get sound for the notifications we send to our expo app. We have specified the sound as “default” but still no luck.

What we have observed in

“Settings” → “Notifications & Status Bar” → “App Notifications” → “Expo”

Sound is disabled by default. We think it’s the default setting for all the android apps depending on user settings but some how WhatsApp Sound Settings were enabled after installing the app.

How to enable these settings by default when we install the app ? We will finally distribute our app by ejecting or build standalone. Is there any way we can enable these settings by default ?

Same problem. Any luck ?

WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, and so on. These are all white-listed apps which means the package names are hardcoded at OS level to allow some of the permissions enabled by default. Our apps are not so. Hence, we need the user to enable those permissions manually.

You can check this by yourself. Create a new android application give the package name of the Telegram application(org.telegram.messenger) and just run it. Don’t do any code at all, and no need to open the app too. Simply go to the notification settings of the newly created application, where you find all the permissions enabled by default.

Hope you got the answer.

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@ajithcaspero bro any possibility to add our package name are hardcoded at OS level like need to pay money to that corresponding android OS are something like that.
can you please share me clear documentation about this problem.